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Clamps & Spreaders

Clamps and spreaders are the extra set of hands that you need to complete your projects. C-clamps, L-clamps, and bar clamp spreaders from quality manufacturers such as Wilton Tools and Quick-Grip ensure you can get the job done, even if your assistant calls in sick. Make sure you have a selection available so you can match the right clamp or spreader to the job.

Easy to Use
Clamps and spreaders are easy to use. Most versions attach to your worktable or bench, so you don't need to store a special piece of equipment to hold items steady.

Prevents Injuries
You can forget about asking a worker to hold an item steady by hand and risk injury by having the right clamps and spreaders in your equipment collection. If you miss your target when you're working on an item that is immobilized by a clamp or spreader, you can just keep going. Use a pair of work gloves to keep your hands protected.

Various Sizes Available
Clamps and spreaders come in a variety of sizes, so you can match the equipment to the job. Picking the right opening size and throat depth ensures you have enough clamping pressure to keep an item steady while you're working on it.
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