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Server Accessories

Organize and extend the functionality of computer equipment with server accessories. From increasing the storage capacity of server racks to making it easier for users to share resources, these accessories can help you achieve your goals. They can be integrated into any size system, small or large.

Save Time and Money by Sharing Resources
Use switches, cables, and other server accessories to create systems that let users easily share resources such as monitors, keyboards, and computer programs. Deploy software to multiple computers, allow users to effortlessly transfer files to each other, or backup critical systems using fast and secure switches. Maximize existing equipment by using cables, splitters, and extenders to connect multiple monitors, server towers, keyboards and other hardware to each other.

Create an Efficient Workspace
Make the most of available space using server accessories such as racks, mounting rails, and wall brackets to organize computer equipment. Some models can be adjusted to fit different size racks or types of machinery, providing a simple solution for housing or using equipment in disparate sizes. Other models mount securely to walls, letting you put the vertical space in your facility to good use.

Sturdy Adaptable Pieces for Harsh Environments
Most of these server accessories are made using tough materials such as steel and plastic and are crafted to withstand daily use in challenging environments. Most switches support multiple operating systems and feature numerous ports and port types to help them fit seamlessly into your existing setup or let you create a custom system. These products can be easily maintained using a variety of computer cleaning and maintenance products.

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