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Raincoats & Rainwear

Raincoats and rainwear keep you and your employees dry in inclement weather, making it easier to complete your work no matter how long the rain lasts. Choose from a wide range of styles to find the best fit for your task. You can even find detachable hoods and rainwear that is resistant to acid.

Versatile Protection
Picking the right rainwear option makes work go more smoothly. For work involving potential exposure to fire or chemicals, opt for rainsuits that are resistant to flames and acid. Riding raincoats are designed for wear while on horseback and have snaps that form chaps. Opt for a raincoat with a badge holder to display your credentials while on the job, and choose a detachable hood to accommodate a helmet or other headgear. Ponchos and traditional raincoats with snap-front closures are an easy-fit option, or choose rainsuits that include suspender pants and a jacket for tasks that require a lot of movement.

High Visibility
PVC rainwear comes in bright colors like fluorescent yellow and orange, so wearers will stand out on gray days. When working on busy streets, opt for rainwear with reflective strips that will catch the attention of passing motorists. Pair rainwear with orange or reflective safety vests to keep employees safe in low and-visibility conditions like fogs and storms. Bright colors are easy to spot in storage areas or packed vehicles, so they can be accessed quickly.

Large Range of Sizes
This collection of raincoats and rainwear includes a broad range of sizes, from small through 5XL. Adjustable suspenders allow rain pants to fit users of varying heights, and adjustable cuff snaps seal out rain no matter what your wrist size.

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