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Raised Toilet Seats

Install raised toilet seats to make your facilities safe for injured or handicapped clients. Choose smart safety features, such as rails and locks, to reduce the risk of accidents and protect patients. Easy-to-clean products help you prevent bacterial growth in germ-prone environments.

Special-Needs Accommodation
Toilet seat risers help patients with limited mobility take care of hygiene needs without straining sore or injured body areas. Adding a few inches of extra height to standard toilet seats eliminates excessive bending, relieving pain in vulnerable areas, such as the knees and lower back. Maximize comfort for users by choosing a variety of riser sizes to accommodate patients of different heights.

Reliable Accident Prevention
When paired with safety rails, raised toilet seats enable patients with minor or short-term mobility limitations to handle their own bathroom needs. Durable, rigid handles help users get a firm grip while providing a supportive structure to lean on when transitioning between standing and sitting positions. Buy commodes or seats with freestanding frames to help patients move from the toilet seat to a wheelchair or bed with ease.

Secure, Slip-Free Installation
Improve safety in high-risk settings by installing products with sturdy locking mechanisms. Side guards and brackets firmly secure the riser to the existing seat to prevent unwanted sliding and protect users from harmful falls. When you need daily portability, attachable seat cushions with slip-resistant padding deliver a consistent level of safety, regardless of the environment.

Convenient Adaptability
Convert toilet facilities for special-needs use by installing elongated-hinged products that install between the toilet unit and seat, maintaining the lid functionality. Choosing this semi-permanent setup makes it easy to custom individual bathrooms for each user.

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