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Rakes & Leaf Blowers

Rakes help you control clutter in any outdoor area and make it easier to gather leaves and litter or churn the soil for planting grass or a garden. Equip your workers with the right type of rake so that they can complete their tasks more quickly. Bow rakes, leaf rakes, and level-head rakes are available to help you complete special jobs.

Comfortable Gripping
Rakes feature contoured wood or fiberglass handles that make it easy to keep a grip while you're working. Cover your hands with a pair of work gloves to prevent chaffing.

Quality Construction
With heads made of forged steel, rakes are designed to last for years. The heads are connected to the handles with a strong steel-based connector, so these rakes can withstand constant daily use.

Versatile Options
Rakes come in a variety of types, so you can find a rake that is specially designed for your job. Blade and handle length and the number of blade tines are only some of the variable features that enable you to match the tool to the type of work.
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