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Forks & Hooks

Fork and hook tools allow farmers and landscapers to easily move large amounts of difficult-to-handle products. This includes straw, hay, and manure. Many hooks can also be used to aerate or till land prior to planting.

Easily Lift and Toss Materials
The tines of large forks let you easily grab hay and other loose materials. Long handles make tossing the material into bins or onto land easier through the application of leverage.

Versatile Application
Forks and hooks can serve a variety of applications around a farm or landscaping site. For even greater versatility, check out shovels, scrapers, and spades.

Picking the Right Size and Shape
Forks are generally larger than most hook tools and have more tines. Smaller tools are better for precision work, and large forks and hooks are best used for moving hay and similar material.
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