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File Storage

These sturdy file storage containers bring all of your important files together in one convenient area. Store files that are not currently needed, but can't be thrown away, such as old contracts. Keep files safe from debris and environmental damage by using the included secure lids.

Reusable Plastic Containers
Plastic storage containers are perfect for use in humid areas or where dirt and dust are common. The plastic material creates a solid barrier between the contents of the box and the exterior room or building, so your files will stay looking as good as new. Files with lids snap closed and stay secure, and these file boxes typically feature handles that make moving them quick and easy. Instead of writing on the box, use printed labels that you can easily replace if you choose to reuse the box for another purpose.

Durable Cardboard Storage
Keep file folders stored away in durable cardboard boxes. Many of these options feature space for you to write labels and instructions directly on the box, removing the risk of stickers falling off during long-term storage. These boxes feature cutout handles for a secure grip, and the material is often partially recycled, making the boxes environmentally friendly.

Stacks to Maximize Space
These boxes feature sturdy sides, allowing you to stack them with minimal risk of collapse. Some are made to fit a steel frame that adds extra support by taking the pressure off of the boxes, and the frame also gives you easy access to the boxes since they can pull out like drawers. Steel frames provide vertical stability and prevents stacks of boxes from falling over when nudged or on uneven ground.

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