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Create unique works of art with these high-quality painting supplies. From individual watercolor sets to classroom-sized finger-painting kits, you'll find the perfect product for kids of all ages. Find the paints that meet your needs from Crayola, American Tombow, and other popular brands.

Bright Colors
Whether you're creating a pastoral scene or a bold modern masterpiece, these painting products have the colors you need. Save time by choosing a 240-color pencil set or a 20-color set of pastels. For more creative control, mix custom shades with a set of paints in primary colors. Most paints are designed for easy blending, so students can create artwork that reflects their individual style and personality.

Quick Cleanup
Many of these painting products are designed specifically for easy, fast cleanup. Washable tempera or watercolor paints are an excellent option for classrooms or home use. Use washable watercolor pencils to encourage creativity and reduce the likelihood of spills. Stock your classroom with a supply of cleaning tools to get rid of messes quickly.

Convenient Supply
Build your classroom's art supply inventory with pads of paint paper and bins of paintbrushes. For older students, stencils and T-squares ensure precision in poster design or multimedia works of art. Create even color distribution in the glow from an LED light box or prepare your canvas with a bottle of gesso.

Easy Storage
Many of these paints and supplies come in storage-ready containers, so you don't need to invest in additional storage supplies. Choose large bottles of paint for convenient classroom use. At the end of a project, simply twist or snap the lid shut. The containers prevent spills and leaks, ensuring your cabinets stay clean between uses.
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