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Resource Books

Resource Books: Premade Educational ActivitiesAdd resource books to your classroom or tutoring business to beef up your curriculum. Some of these books can be used throughout the years, such as teacher-specific resources, so you get a consistent source of help when you run out of ideas.Lesson PlansLesson plans make classes go smoother, and adding a helpful lesson plan book to your collection helps making last-minute plans easier. These books include specific lesson plans that provide ideas based on the season or month, so you can just flip to the right section to find tips and tricks to keep your class material fresh and interesting. AssessmentsTest how well your students have absorbed information from vocabulary skills books or other subjects with these convenient assessments. Premade assessments save you time and effort while still providing an accurate representation of student growth and learning trends. These assessments help reduce your stress level, allowing you to focus more on helping students improve. Mind GamesThese resource books include many types of mind exercises to keep brains working hard and sharp. Trivia games help with fact recall, while crosswords help improve vocabulary and problem-solving skills. General learning activities are useful for when there is downtime in the class you do not want to waste, and you can use warm-up materials to get the class ready to start the day.Graphic OrganizersGraphic organizers are useful for both students and teachers. Student-focused organizers help students, especially those who are visual learners, more effectively interact with information and understand how it relates to the topic being taught. Graphic organizers are easier for teachers to grade at a glance than other evaluation tools, such as essays.


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