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Olympia Tools Restaurant Carts & Dollies

Supply your staff with restaurant carts and dollies to haul incoming inventory. Mobilizing equipment and kitchen supplies saves travel time, leaving more staff members free to manage orders and help customers. Boost your bussing staff's productivity with carts and tubs for clearing tables.

Quickly Cover Large Distances
Whether you're preparing food at banquet halls, hotels, or hospitals, wheeled restaurant carts and dollies help your staff make fast trips to different areas of the building. Utility carts and service carts have shelving and storage compartments, so staff members can securely stock refreshments and deliver them directly to guests. Carts lower your workload and reduce the amount of staff needed to transport food items.

Rearrange Equipment and Supplies
Manage a constant inflow of food, dishes, cooking appliances, and cleaning supplies by making sure all items are stored in the correct locations. Multipurpose dollies slide right underneath stacks of dish racks, heavy pan carriers, and other equipment for temporary portability. Use high-capacity convertible hand trucks that switch from upright to flatbed form, letting you transport everything from boxes to commercial refrigerators.

Bus Tables Efficiently
Keep up with a steady stream of incoming diners by clearing entire tables in one quick trip. Load up bus carts with large quantities of dishes from multiple tables, and safely carry fragile items to and from the kitchen. Convenient bussing tools, such as crumbers, help staff members quickly perform minor cleanup duties to get tables ready for new diners.

Keep Tableware Organized
Bussing tubs with compartments let staff organize flatware while they clear tables. Use open tubs to store large plates or platters, and stock up on tub lids to keep waste contained and allow easy stacking on restaurant carts and dollies.

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