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Explore restraints for use in healthcare, institutional, and correctional settings. Keep patients, inmates and others from hurting themselves or others with a range of different restraints.

Keep Limbs Still
Explore appropriate limb restraints that prevent movement in selected limbs and can be tied easily to the side of a chair or bed to prevent patients or others from using a particular limb. Use these types of restraints in a medical setting to prevent patients from inadvertently removing intravenous or IV lines or life-support or other breathing tubes that are necessary for treatment. Quick-release limb holders ensure that personnel can quickly gain access to the restrained person if a need arises, and safety mittens ensure that patients cannot scratch themselves or others. Use hand protectors to keep hands from contracting in stroke patients as needed during rehabilitation.

Prevent Harm
Turn to restraint vests to keep uncooperative or violent detainees from harming staff and other detainees, or keep patients in position on a gurney or bed so that they are safe and secure during a procedure. Belt restraints are similar to vest restraints and can be used to keep a patient from getting out of bed.

Keep Patients Upright
Ensure that a patient remains upright in a wheelchair without the worry of an accident with a wheelchair belt or safety vest. These vests are ideal for use in rehabilitation and other institutional and healthcare settings where patients need to be placed in a seated position to meet rehabilitation or treatment goals, and they keep patient comfortable while sitting with minimal effort from the patient while keeping the facility compliant with guidelines and regulations.

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