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Coated Disc Abrasives

Using coated disc abrasives with circular sanding tools is an efficient way to remove rust and corrosion from metal before you prime and paint. Rotary sanding is also ideal for smoothing edges. Choose between alumina, resin, and other abrasives depending on the job at hand.

Advanced Abrasive Coatings
Coated disc abrasives are made of durable, precision materials such as alumina abrasives and resin backing, which are more rugged and efficient than traditional sandpaper. They sand faster and hold up longer, so you'll get the job done right.

Variety of Sizes and Grits
You can choose from a wide variety of coated disc abrasives from reliable manufacturers like Rotoc and Weiler. Each size is available in a variety of grips, from the finest for finishing work to the coarsest for removing tough rust from thick surfaces.

Easy to Use
You can attach a disc to a disc pad and use your drill for rotary sanding or you can use a separate circular sander. The selection of coated disc abrasives at Staples includes wheels for use with grinders.
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