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Rotary Tools

Rotary tools can be purchased in a kit or individually to suit your needs. Toolkits include a power hand tool and a variety of bits, sanding implements, and cut-off wheel, so you'll have the most common equipment used to handle a variety of projects. These accessories and more can be purchased individually to complement your existing rotary toolkit or allow you to focus on a single task.

Incredible Versatility
Rotary tools are designed to enable you to do any job that requires circular force. Interchangeable accessories such as bits and cutters ensure you always have the right tool to get the job done.

Easy Use
With a variety of cut-off wheels available, your rotary tools can easily cut, groove, and trim all kinds of metal. Make sure you have a pair of safety glasses on hand to protect your eyes when using these tools.

Portable Convenience
Purchase a convenient kit containing all the rotary tools you need for the most common jobs. The tools come in a handy carrying case that you can easily take with you on the road.
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