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Linens & Pillows

Enhance the ambiance of patient rooms with linens and pillows designed to create a comfortable environment for rest. Comfortable pillows provide joint and neck support, while linens provide protection from allergens. Simple, sleek designs make efficiently dressing beds easy.

Choose from a selection of linens and pillows that work well in hospital and home-care settings. Neutral colors fit in with the design of any room, and lightweight, compact sizes make storage and transport easy. Choose pillows that are flame-retardant, antimicrobial, antistatic, or fluid-proof for added peace of mind and protection in any environment.

Neck Support
Pillows made from memory foam provide neck support for people with joint pain or those who have trouble sleeping. Memory foam quickly accommodates the unique contours of the sleeper's head, neck, and spine to facilitate proper rest. Support pillows with center valleys for resting the head fit into most standard pillow cases, help relieve headaches and whiplash symptoms, and promote proper cervical alignment.

Allergen Reduction
Choose products made from advanced materials to help alleviate allergy symptoms. Plush down comforters come in hypoallergenic options to blend comfort and hygiene, while pillows made from fabric with small pores protect against lint and dust while also keeping mold, bacteria, and mildew odors at bay. Combine hypoallergenic pillows and linens with air conditioners and dehumidifiers that regulate air temperature and moisture levels to create a comprehensive defense against allergens.

Disposable but Comfortable
Disposable pillows let you outfit patient rooms without sacrificing quality and comfort. Filled with recycled materials, these pillows are also environmentally friendly. Disposable pillow cases and sheets protect against infection and make cleaning up accidental stains or spills easy.

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