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Binder Accessories

Binder accessories add flexible organization options to basic binders, making it easy to keep class notes in order or create useful and professional-looking presentations and reports. They include tabs and dividers designed to sort pages and provide structure to stored documents, sleeves that protect frequently used pages and pockets to store other accessories.

Staples carries accessories for binders from manufacturers such as Jam Paper, Avery and Better Office Products as well as store-branded items.

Flexible Page Organization
Document management products provide plenty of ways to make binder contents easy to access and read. Dividers let users label individual sections of reports and manuals, making it simple to find needed materials in seconds.

They also come in many different tab styles. Classic five- and eight-tab dividers are ideal for organizing reference documents and offset tabs let you use multiple sets in a single binder. Pre-labeled monthly dividers keep time-sensitive records in order, and blank tabs provide customization options.

Many dividers have additional organizational features. Some include space for a table of contents. Others have dated indexes that simplify production of business reports or financial statements.

Storage for Accessories and Supplies
Binders hold more than documents, and these accessories offer additional storage options. Plastic pockets with Velcro or zip-style closures keep writing supplies, calculators or keys secure, and card sleeves lay out business contacts into easy-to-access pages. Pocket dividers keep materials organized and provide storage space for unpunched or odd-sized pages.

Identify Binder Contents
View binders have sleeves and spine label slots that make it simple to add identifying information about their contents, and many binder manufacturers offer accessories that simplify this task.

Perforated pages of label strips let users print professional-looking tags for bound documents, and fit most standard binder sizes. Some manufacturers also offer document templates or web applications that simplify label printing.

Document Protection Options
Binders do more than organize documents; they guard pages from damage. Storage accessories provide additional protection options. Sheet protectors seal frequently accessed pages in plastic sleeves that prevent wear, and hole reinforcements keep punched pages from tearing. Sheet lifters reduce paper curling, and media storage pouches protect optical discs from scratches.

Durable Binder Accessories
These products feature sturdy materials that stand up to constant use. Dividers made from heavy duty paper with reinforced edges prevent wear, and durable plastic sleeves are impervious to moisture. The archival-quality materials used in many accessories won't lift ink from printed pages or damage binder contents.

Convenient Purchasing Options
Accessories come in a variety of package sizes, so it's easy to buy products for a small home office or a busy business. Individual divider packs are ideal for one-off projects or a school notebook, while bulk products let users prepare dozens of copies of a single document.

Binders are an excellent tool for document management, and the right accessories can enhance these practical products. Dividers and pockets keep pages organized, and plastic sleeves and sheet protectors guard against damage and moisture. Explore the accessories for binders available at Staples and find document organization or protection solutions that are ideal for home, school or business use.
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