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Rulers & Measuring Devices

Rulers & Measuring Devices - Save Money on Materials - Save money on materials whether you're working or crafting using rulers and measuring devices. Before you make your first cut, these tools allow you to mark off the exact size needed for your project. Multiple materials, sizes, and shapes provide you with the perfect tool for any job.

Multiple Lengths
Ensure you have the proper tool for the job you're tackling with a selection of rulers and measuring devices in varying lengths. Choose triangular scales that adjust to measure increments under an inch for drafting blueprints, or grab a heavy-duty tape measure in lengths up to 25 feet for construction projects. Use a yard stick to keep track of growth or to measure out wood for your next crafting project.

Various Uses
Discover rulers and measuring devices designed specifically for specialty projects. Soft tape measures in lengths up to 120 inches aid you in sewing projects when you're measuring people for custom designs or altering existing clothing. Architect's triangular scales and templates stay in place when using mechanical pencils, so you can draft accurate blueprints for the job at hand. Engineer's folding rulers provide precise measurements on curved or angular surfaces.

Durable Materials
Choose rulers and measuring tools in durable materials perfect for the task at hand. Aluminum and stainless steel rulers offer exceptional longevity on your job site, while acrylic and poly measuring tools make economical options for home improvement projects. Ensure your students have the classroom tools needed with wood and plastic rulers that easily fit inside of desk drawers, and select bright colors to help keep track of which rulers are yours.

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