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Paint Brushes

Choose from paintbrushes in various sizes and styles to handle your paint job. Whether you are touching up a piece of restored furniture or painting an entire house, there's a brush to suit your needs.

Smooth Coverage for Large Jobs
Industrial paintbrushes from manufacturers such as Magnolia Brush let you paint large surfaces, machinery, or fixtures quickly and economically. For even more coverage, try a paint roller.

Easily Handle Fine Details
Chip brushes from Linzer and Anderson let you add varnish or latex paint to just about any small surface. You can also handle touchups with these paintbrushes, so even when you use them for fine details, such as on molding and furniture, your final product will look great.

Apply Flux with Ease
Applying flux prior to soldering is made simple with a flux brush from Weiler. You can also use these brushes for cleaning or coating small objects or surfaces.
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