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Flash Memory

Flash memory sticks, SD cards, trusted compact flash cards, and micro SD cards help you store thousands of images, songs and invaluable files. Plus, you can access them at any time. Choose from trusted leaders of the industry such as SanDisk and Kingston

Optimal Performance
Avoid digital lag with a flash memory device that reads, writes, and transfers data at speeds up to 20 MB per second. Read books, play games, and accomplish daily tasks such reading emails, editing photos, or sharing documents with a memory card that coordinates with your device.

Flexible Solutions
Flash memory comes in a variety of options that vary in reading speed, data storage, and sizes. SD Cards, Compact Flash cards, Micro SD cards, and memory sticks can adapt to your electronic devices using an adapter. Adapters allow you to transfer data from devices that do not use compatible flash memory solutions. 

Maximum Storage
Take your photography and video recording to the next level with a high-powered professional SD card that delivers maximum storage, data transfer, and rescue software that protects your digital artwork. Flash memory comes in a variety of storage capacities up to 256 GB, so you can store large RAW footage from your latest photo or video shoots.

Reliable Memory
Flash memory devices provide a secure location to store your smart phone, tablet, or camera's data. Many flash memory cards are resistant to water, shock, temperature change, and electromagnetic interference. Name brand memory cards are tested and guaranteed to protect your data. Data is safe during storage and transfer because many memory cards contain a fail-safe switch that protects your information in the event of an error.
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