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Chalk Line Reels & Marking Chalk

Chalk line reels and marking chalk make easy, temporary marks on many materials. Use these on roofs where only a light outline is needed, or on wood where markings need to be erased after cuts. The devices are compact enough to store in your pocket or on your tool belt for easy access.

Stock up on a large refill container instead of purchasing a new chalk line reel to save money and reduce waste. These large refill containers can be stored away in your storage closet, and their large capacity ensures you have chalk for a long time.

Solid Chalk
Solid chalk is ideal for use with stencil sets when you need precise, consistent markings on your materials for numbers or letters. Solid chalk allows you to write text or draw diagrams with precision and are perfect for smaller, shorter markings.

Line Reels
Perfect for use in various carpentry and construction projects, chalk line reels are a type of marking chalk that can be used across long distances to get even, straight lines on a variety of flat surfaces. Instantly mark lengths of up to 100 feet without having to resort to making multiple small markings across your surface using a traditional straightedge.

Multiple Colors
Chalk line reels and marking chalk come in a variety of colors, so you can make multiple markings on one surface while still keeping track of what each line means. Use refills to ensure you have multiple colors to organize your workspace to simplify complex projects that require multiple cuts.

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