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Paper & Letter Folders

Paper-folding machines and letter folders help you speed up productivity in your office. These valuable additions can be helpful in banks, print shops, schools or any place of business that processes and mails a variety of documents and letters.

Consider the first of a few offerings: The Martin Yale Intimus 2051 SmartFold Paper Folder. With it, you can:
  • Fold 3,000 to 15,000 sheets per hour
  • Perform repetitive tasks more easily thanks to its high-memory capacity
  • Choose from seven presets and 10 custom folds
This paper-folding machine is perfect for small and midsize businesses alike.

If your primary goal is to fold letters, consider the Premier RapidFold Automatic Letter Folder. Feed paper into the feeder to create both letter and half-folds. If you send out a lot of mail or print material used for direct mail and other marketing, count on folding up to 4,000 sheets an hour with this model. It's light-duty and comes with a stacking tray. Use the manual bypass to fold up to three sheets at a time, even if they're stapled together.

Another paper folder machine is the Martin Yale 1501X Letter Folder. This model has an operating speed of up to 7,500 sheets per hour and a feed table capacity of 167 sheets. Save time folding newsletters, programs, brochures and bulletins. It makes a great asset at any school, office, church or small business.

Take a few minutes to browse all the products in our catalog and save on regular folders for students and professionals alike to carry around important loose documents.  Also be sure to stock up on letter folder accessories you know you'll need, like envelopes of all sizes and handy letter openers
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