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Fall Protection Kits, Parts & Accessories

Kits and accessories from trusted brands such as DBI/Sala and Ergodyne offer protection against falls. A large selection of harnesses, carabiners, and lifelines are suited to a range of work environments. Choose from durable, comfortable solutions to ensure safety on the job.

Stay Comfortable off the Ground
With fall prevention kits that support loads of up to 5000 pounds, rest assured that workers will be both protected and comfortable while working at extreme heights. Whether you're fixing a roof or working on large construction projects, find the restraints and accessories that are right for the job at hand. When it comes to working off the ground, choose from a range of lightweight, durable harnesses that reduce worker fatigue; pair them with simple tie-off fall arresters and anchors for extra security and support.

Be Prepared for Anything
To reduce risk at stressful job sites, maintain a selection of durable parts and accessories includes lifelines, safety nets, rescue kits, and equipment safety caps. Pick from a range of practical equipment perfect for protecting workers from hazards and risks. Workers will always be prepared and keep peace of mind during stressful situations during every kind of work situation that may arise.

Keep Supported with Ergonomic Accessories
Choose ergonomic accessories so workers can move with comfort and ease. Select from products in a range of styles and colors that allow for a wide range of motion while promoting stability. From basic joint support to improving blood circulation, a range of back, arm, wrist, and ankle supports help people avoid work-related injuries while using heavy tools, operating machinery, and maintaining unconventional postures.

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