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Safety Cans & Drums

Safety Cans and Drums- Efficient Hazmat StorageKeep your job site safe and compliant with safety cans and drums that are designed to contain dangerous substances. Choose cans designed for liquids, or use waste containers to dispose of hazardous solids. Select from a variety of accessories including funnels, shut-off valves, and covers.Secure DesignSafety cans and drums are carefully engineered to keep flammable and hazardous liquids in, reducing the risk of dangerous vapor leaks. Many models feature automatic venting systems that alleviate pressure as needed to prevent explosions when temperatures or conditions change. Stay compliant with your city and state fire codes by choosing cans that meet OSHA's stringent requirements.Heavy-Duty ConstructionManufactured from heavy-duty materials such as galvanized steel, safety cans and drums prevent erosion and damage from powerful substances. Look for drums with no-weld construction for extra leak prevention, and select cans with flame-retardant coatings to reduce the risk of fire. The sturdy containers can withstand the movements and impacts that are unavoidable on a busy job site, so you can rest assured that your workers are protected.Easy OperationEach of these safety cans and drums enable easy operation, so you can complete your job quickly. For companies that require regular fluid transfer, opt for a can with a built-in spout for smooth, controlled pouring. Containers with long spouts enable you to reach into tight spots, and quick-open ports make for safer filling. When using a safety can, wear eye protection to stay safe from accidental splashes.Convenient CapacitiesSafety cans and drums come in a variety of sizes to suit different carrying and storage requirements. Select small containers for emergency supplies of gasoline, or use 2-gallon drums for fixed work sites.


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