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Safety Glasses

Safety glasses place a protective lens between your eyes and potentially harmful materials. This makes them a great choice for those who work in manufacturing or industrial environments. Sturdy safety glasses easily withstand regular wear to ensure lasting durability.

Scratch Resistant
A combination of protective coatings and sturdy materials ensures that lenses used in safety glasses resist scratches with ease. Scratch-resistant lenses remain clear and easy-to-use much longer than standard glass or plastic varieties. Many coatings also feature a polarized design, allowing them to work equally well in a variety of lighting conditions.

Close-Fitting Straps and Arms
Many modern designs have close-fitting arms and snug straps that keep the glasses close to your head as you work. This prevents jostling or sliding during use, holding the safety glasses firmly in place as you shift your position or work at different angles. The close-fitting design also helps protect against airborne contaminants.

Adjustable Temples
Advanced safety glasses often feature adjustable temples that further enhance the overall fit of the glasses. Adjustable temples can enhance comfort and help keep out airborne contaminants by providing a secure seal against dirt, dust and debris. For even greater protection, try using safety goggles instead of glasses with large open areas.

Multiple Designs
Modern safety glasses come in multiple designs that allow you to pick and choose the right fit to suit your needs. Advanced versions fit over prescription eyewear, letting you wear corrective lenses while still enjoying exceptional protection. The wide selection of available designs makes it easy to find the correct combination of appearance and protection for your team.


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