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Safety Vests

Use safety vests when working outside on the road or around others. The bright, fluorescent colors help alert people where you are to prevent accidents from occurring. Multiple interior and exterior pockets on the vest also provide plenty of space for pens, notebooks, whistles, and other supplies.

Lightweight and Comfortable
Safety vests are lightweight to keep wearers feeling more comfortable. Made from breathable mesh and other lighter fabrics, the vests are suitable for wearing for several hours or for an extended period of time. Some heavier vests are suitable for those working in colder climates and in the snow and ice to wear without feeling uncomfortable.

Bright and Reflective
The bright colors found on safety vests let others know exactly where you are on the road or in the field to keep them from accidentally hitting you, running you over, or causing another type of accident. Reflective strips and other elements on the vests catch the light and provide another way to catch the eye of others around you.

Storage Pockets
Keep track of everything you need to carry with you on the job with one or more storage pockets located on the inside or the outside of the vest. The pockets are large enough for notepads and tools but small enough for whistles and extra supplies.

Protection Against Hazards
Use safety vests to protect against hazards in the field, including distracted drivers, wild animals, and other workers. Pair a safety vest with a good pair of gloves to get the ultimate in protection while working around potential hazards in both cities and rural areas.

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