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Sealants & Caulking

This variety of sealants and caulking can make any job quick, easy, and long-lasting. With some products capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, you can even take care of potential leak points in cold or hot areas. Easy application makes your workday run smoother and go quicker.

Tubes of sealant and caulking give you precise, hands-on control of the sealant. Compact tubes can be stored in places with little storage space available or kept in your toolbox for quick access wherever you are. Tube sealant and caulking require few external accessories, so they are a great minimalist tool.

Guns and Cartridges
Guns with replaceable cartridges are a good choice for larger jobs, since you do not have to switch tubes as often and the gun is less likely to wear out your hands than a tube. This accessory also provides a consistent, even line for a professional finish with minimal waste. Guns also give you easier access to places you might not be able to reach otherwise.

Pipe Thread Tape
Pipe thread sealant tape is a very thin material that tightly adheres together and molds around threads in pipes and screws to create a stronger seal than the plastic or metal can on its own. This is easy to apply and creates no mess, making it ideal for quick jobs.

Expanding Foam
Use expanding foam in areas that need small cracks and fractures filled that traditional sealant and caulking cannot reach. Spray this material into the area, and wait for it to expand and completely fill even the smallest spaces for optimal leak protection. This requires little or no hands-on work, so your skin stays clean throughout the job.

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