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Security Safes & Fire Chests

Install security safes and fire chests in your office to ensure that you have a safe place to store valuable items. Safes and boxes from Honeywell, Barska, and Mesa provide secure storage on a temporary or long-term basis. Ensure your privacy and protect your stuff with a reliable safe.

Durable Construction
Security safes and fire chests are built to withstand everything from theft attempts to environmental disasters. Safes with built-in fire protection can handle heat and flames for extended periods of time, while water-resistant safes withstand full submersion without exposing the contents to moisture. Multiple bolts and multi-compartment designs increase the security of your safe, and impact-resistant materials prevent cracks and keep the door securely shut even when the safe is dropped.

Reliable Locks
Reliable locks prevent anyone from tampering with items in your safe by restricting access only to authorized individuals. Choose from combination, key, or electronic locks to protect your valuables, and seek out a safe with an override code or master key to ensure that you can always access your items under any circumstances. Lockout modes prevent access after multiple incorrect attempts, making it simple to keep unauthorized users from trying multiple codes in a row.

Convenient Placement
Finding a place for a security safe or fire chest is simple when you choose a secure storage option sized to fit your workplace or home. Tall freestanding units can be kept in your office, while tabletop options fit conveniently onto desks or shelves. Compact portable safes and lock boxes travel with you, ensuring secure and organized transport of valuable items.


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