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Self-adherent Bandages

Stock self-adherent bandages in your first aid kit as a protective dressing for cuts, burns, and abrasions. The flexible fabric is made for breathability and to prevent constriction around the injured area. The adherent design allows you to quickly seal dressings without cloth tape or bandage clips.

Wrap and Stick
You can't prevent every accident, but you can take quick action to cover and protect wounds with self-adherent bandages. The stretchy fabric is easy to wrap around limbs or joints, and the adherent design conveniently holds dressings in place without limiting movement.

Avoid Contaminants
Sterile bandages offer an additional level of protection by reducing contact between your wound and any infectious substances. Whether used as a secondary dressing or as a speedy way to staunch heavy bleeding, sterilized products promote faster healing by keeping deterrent bacteria out. You can also find latex-free bandages to treat individuals with allergies to this substance.

Easy Tearing
Cut out extra steps and treat wounds efficiently with bandages you can tear by hand. While scissors are always optional, you can conveniently tear off the desired bandage length even when cutting tools aren't available.
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