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Server Memory

Adding server memory to your computer system can improve function and performance. Select from different size memory capacities to increase your computer's RAM. Choose the correct memory format and size from a large selection of quality products from brand-name manufacturers.

Installing additional RAM improves your computer system's function by increasing the working memory available to perform data and software functions. In much the same way adding lanes to a highway improves the flow of traffic, adding RAM to your computer improves the flow of data, helping eliminate bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Your computer requires a specific type of server memory; it is not universally interchangeable. Choose from common formats such as double data rate (DDR), DDR2 and DDR3. Information on which type of memory you need can be found in your system information, by carefully opening the access panel to your computer's hard drive or by bringing your computer to EasyTech support.

Just as server memory is machine specific, so too is maximum capacity. Each laptop or desktop computer has a limit to the number of server memory cards that can be installed as well as a limit to the mega- or gigabytes of RAM. Increasing your computer's server memory to the system maximum capacity can improve the speed and efficiency with which the computer performs background and program functions.

Many home computer users install their server memory upgrades themselves, but if you prefer to leave the inner workings of your computer to the hands of technology professionals, bring your computer into your local store for assistance. Technicians are also available to perform on-site analysis and installation of server memory.

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