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Padlocks are easily used to securely lock both private and public lockers, storage units, and boxes containing your important items. They can also be used to chain lock gates and bikes. Padlocks can be unlocked using a key, a combination, or a resettable combination.

Durably Built
Padlocks are designed to withstand tampering and accidental breakage due to normal wear and tear. They are built with a solid base constructed of stainless steel, hardened steel, or brass. The shackles are made with steel components of varying thicknesses to offer the level of durability as well as the size you require.

Multiple Lock Types
Choose from padlock types such as key, combination, and resettable combination. A combination padlock protects you and your business from having to worry about a lost or stolen key. A resettable combination padlock allows you to change the access code as needed, such as when you make staff changes or at regularly scheduled intervals.

Padlocks come in multiple sizes. This allows you to find a padlock to fit any door, chain, storage cabinet, or safety box you need to secure. Compact and low-profile padlocks are a good choice for small spaces. Key padlocks have keys that are small enough to hang from a necklace or conceal in a file folder.

Padlocks come in a number of colors ranging from silver-tone stainless steel to bright red, green, or blue. This is great for showing your own personality while securing a locker. Packs of multiple colors also make it easy to manage storage spaces and employee break rooms.

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