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  • Pelican™ Shipping & Rack Cases

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Shipping & Rack Cases

Shipping and rack cases are designed to protect oddly shaped or delicate items during the shipping process. Features like dense foam and secure latches ensure your components arrive at their destination without damage. Consider options with handles or wheels for added convenience.

Dense Foam Padding
Most shipping cases feature dense foam padding to protect items during shipping. Padding inside the lid and on all sides of your delicate components prevents damage from shock, jolts, and movement when the case is handled roughly during shipping. If the foam padding becomes damaged or your case does not include padding, you can find replacement foam padding sets to add to your case. 

Protective Features
Shipping cases have a wide variety of features designed to protect their contents. Some cases are waterproof to protect delicate items in wet conditions, and some include latches on all sides of the lid to ensure the case stays securely closed. Locks on the cases provide an extra level of security. Consider hard-sided luggage if your items require less protection during travel.

Durable Construction
Most shipping cases are made of durable molded plastic and strong metal components that can withstand the rigors of the shipping process. Latches are often reinforced to keep the case closed without breaking, and durable handles help you carry heavy cases without worrying about it dropping.

Convenient Transport
Many shipping cases have wheels to make transporting heavy items through an airport or storage area easier. Models with telescoping handles make this process even simpler. Custom backpack-style carrying systems help you carry cases outdoors to remote locations while leaving your hands free to tackle other tasks. Smaller cases often feature straps for over-the-shoulder transport.


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