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Promote healthy and fast healing in both shallow and deep wounds that require a moist environment with hydrogel. Abscesses, ulcers, and other types of wounds require a moist bandage applied to the skin to force the wound to close and heal. Hydrogel is easy to use and helps wounds heal faster.

For Most Wounds
Use hydrogel on most types of wounds, including shallow wounds that are closer to the surface of the skin and deeper wounds that burrow beneath the skin. Hydrogel is suitable for use on abrasions, lacerations, and open wounds left behind after medical and surgical procedures.

Easy to Use
Hydrogel is easy enough for even a novice or someone with little medical training to use. After cleaning the wound, use cotton tipped applicators to apply a small amount of the product to the skin and cover with a clean bandage. Replace the bandage and apply more hydrogel to the skin regularly.

Irrigate the Wound
Look for hydrogel products that come with irrigation kits to make cleaning wounds even easier. Fill the included bottle with a small amount of saline solution, and use that solution to flush any blood, bacteria, or puss from the wound. Apply the hydrogel and a fresh bandage after flushing the wound and lightly drying the skin.

Promote Healing
Promote healing of different types of wounds with hydrogel. Specially formulated for dry areas that require moisture for healing, hydrogel helps keep the skin surrounding the wound and the wound itself moist and wet. This helps the skin recover from the injury faster and reduces the risk of scarring.

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