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Classification Folders

An effective organization system for your office supplies minimizes the amount of time you spend searching for documents. Different types of folders keep documents separated, easy to display and safe from damage.

Classification folders are well suited to storing important papers that need to be categorized.

Store Documents for Quick and Easy Retrieval

In a business, school or home setting, classification files make it easy to find and identify documents. These files are produced by many different manufacturers and fit different categorization needs.

Some classification folders have a single tab, so they are ideal for documents that fit into one category. Other designs include three tabbed sections or six tabbed sections, providing additional sorting options.

Professionals can also use these files for papers of varying sizes. The majority of products are available in the standard 8.5 x 11 inch document size or the 11 x 14 inch legal document size.

Classification Folders Offer Various Storage Options

Fastener folders suit documents that need to be kept in a specific order. Many folders include two 2-inch metal fasteners. Fasteners may be attached on the long side of a folder for landscape-oriented documents or on the short side of a folder for portrait-oriented documents.

After hole-punched papers are stacked on the fasteners, the fasteners are folded over to hold paperwork in place. Some papers, including contracts and other legal documents, cannot be hole-punched without invalidating the paperwork.

Self-adhesive folders provide a safe way to file these documents without damaging them. The adhesive on the folder sticks to other folders, pockets and paperwork.

Smead produces a line of files that use SafeSHIELD fasteners, which protect against paper tears, finger cuts and paper wrinkles.

Paper Types that Are Compatible with Fastener Folders

Since these folders often hold very important documents, they have to be sturdy. Thinner files often use 11-point card stock. Folders made from pressboard are ideal for documents that are often transported as well as heavy documents.

Pressboard has a 25-point thickness rating. Quite a few companies use recycled materials for their folders, providing an eco-friendly option for paper storage. The tabbed part of a folder is generally exposed and can be vulnerable to damage.

Reinforced tabs provide extra strength for frequently used folders.

Extend the Life of Classification Folders with Extra Features

There are classification folders available for documents with a range of dimensions and weights. Expansion folders feature an accordion-style bottom seam that expands to accommodate more sheets of paper.

Most folders in this category expand up to 2 inches. For especially complex filing systems, consider classification files with internal dividers.

Design Features Maximize Classification Folder Functionality

Features built into filing folders allow users to quickly find the papers they need, an important consideration in offices that store hundreds of documents.

Multicolored file packs sort papers into different categories and makes folders identifiable at a glance. Moisture-resistant folders are coated in acrylic for extra strength and protection against sweat, spills and rain.

At Staples, shoppers can find classification folders with different dimensions, features and storage capacities. Create an effective, easy-to-use organization system with classification files.
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