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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a crucial component of keeping your work environment safe from fire- and smoke-related accidents. Place multiple alarms throughout your building to ensure everyone has time to get to safety. We also carry special spray adapter tubes that let you test to make sure your smoke detector is functioning properly.

Can't-Miss Alarms
You won't have to worry about anyone not hearing these loud alarms with noise ratings of up to 85 dB. For those that have hearing losses, voice alarms that say what the danger is or alarms that flash lights are available.

Avoid Accidental Set Offs
You want your smoke alarm to warn you of real danger, not just someone burning leftovers in the office kitchen. Smart hush capabilities in today's alarms let you silence overzealous warnings.

Keep Batteries Fresh
To keep your smoke alarms at peak function, it's important to replace the batteries even before they're dead. Alarms with a low-battery warning chirp or flash a light when it's time for a fresh set.
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