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Kids Games & Toys

Kids Games and Toys- Fun, Educational, Community-BuildingStock your classroom, waiting room or family room with a wide variety of board games that kids can play with each other or adults. Choose educational toys that challenge young kids' minds. Help kids develop confidence and skills with building sets.Learn Through PlayingPick up science-based games and toys to fire young minds and imaginations in your elementary school science units. Letting kids build their own simple machines teaches the basics of physics, and wooden infant toys help the very youngest develop hand-eye coordination while stimulating their curiosity about the world around them. Hand a karaoke microphone and machine to a child to help her learn confidence in front of her watching peers while having fun.Build Teamwork and CommunityChoose fun mystery-solving games to force kids to think logically, while beginners' board games help the youngest to understand turn-taking and rule-following. Traditional games such as backgammon, chess, checkers and Chinese checkers are available in beautiful heirloom sets that last for years while teaching logic, teamwork and sportsmanship. Work together to fly toy helicopters and planes guided by infrared remote control. Stock up on more board and card games to provide constant variety and to incorporate teens and adults into the fun and learning.Stimulate ImaginationPut classic construction sets into the hands of young builders to encourage them to create anything from log cabins and sailboats to helicopters and trucks. Magnetic building sets are safe for preschoolers and give them a chance to create wildly and easily with no template, letting their young imaginations run free. Building putty lets kids have tactile fun that's therapeutic and creative at the same time.


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    Smoothfoam Styrofoam Solar System Kit, Painted
    Item 942097
    Model K-101P

    Smoothfoam Styrofoam Solar System Kit, Painted

    Customer Rating
    Smoothfoam Styrofoam Solar System Kit, Painted
    (1  reviews)
    • Contains (9) planets and (1) sun ranging in size from 1" x 1" x 1" (Pluto) to 4.5" x 4.5" x 4.5", (9) 12-inch wooden connecting rods, saturn's rings (both printed rings on back of box and Smoothfoam ring included), (1) 3-inch Smoothfoam ring for base, and (1) eyelet screw for hanging
    • Directions for assembly and fun facts are printed on the box
    • Note: Some common household tools/products may be needed for complete assembly
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1 items
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