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East Shore Snacks

Tackle Hunger Quickly—Fend off hunger with these delicious snacks, which come in a variety of sizes and packaging options. Whether you're stocking the office break room or looking for ways to satisfy growing children, you'll find an option to meet your needs and budget. Choose from bulk and individually wrapped packages.

Cost Effective
Many of these snacks come in large bulk packages, so you can get more for your money. Select from industrial-size containers filled with dry foods, which are ideal for classroom use and large events. Between uses, the containers store easily in a cupboard or closet.

Convenient Packaging
Don't bother with plates and utensils — choose snacks that are individually packaged for easy use in classrooms, in offices, or at home. Each package contains enough for one person, making serving and distribution a breeze. When you're done eating, simply toss the package in the trash for fast, easy cleanup. For a more filling mini-meal, add a hot or cold beverage.

Broad Selection
A wide selection of foods ensures you can find something for every taste and preference. Stock your office break room with quick breakfast foods such as oatmeal and granola bars. Get a quick shot of protein with assorted nuts, trail mix, or beef sticks. For a special treat in the classroom or at work, choose cookies or candy.

Health-Conscious Options
When you're trying to cut back on calories, choose snack foods that make your life easier. Look for 100-calorie packs or individual servings to help curb your cravings without going overboard. If you're dealing with dietary restrictions, look for specialty products, such as Kosher and gluten-free options. Pay attention to the health of the planet with environmentally friendly and sustainable foods.


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