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Sockets & Accessories

Tightening and removing bolts is easy with sockets, and accessories like adapters and extensions help you use your sockets more easily. Get a socket set so you'll have the right socket and a handy wrench to handle any job or get just the right width and depth of socket you need for a specific task. Choose accessories that help you get sockets into small spaces or adapters that easily fit a socket to your wrench.

Sockets for Every Need
You can find standard sockets and accessories that fit your socket wrench or reversible drill or you can choose sockets for special jobs. Extra-deep sockets and locking sockets are made for particularly tough work.

Rugged and Reliable
Sockets and accessories from top manufacturers like Armstrong Tools and Proto are made of the most durable metals. Their inner threads won't strip even after strenuous, repeated use, and their drive shafts maintain proper shape, fit, and size.

Be Prepared with Socket Sets
A full set that is complete with sockets and accessories is ideal to have on hand for emergency repairs. You can find sets with wrenches or you can buy separate ratchets with the special features you need.
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