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Offer guests to your home or office tasty sodas for refreshment. Choose multipacks of cans as a convenient way to stock up your office supply closet or pantry. Select from a wide array of flavors sure to suit almost any palate, including cola, citrus, root beer, and ginger ale.

Stock Your Facility
Stock your office break room with cans of soda to offer employees a quick pick-me-up during long work days. Choose cases of 24 cans to make restocking simple. Place them in refrigerators in employee areas to ensure the cans are cold at all times, or add them to vending machines in visitor areas for added guest convenience.

Colas from Trusted Brands
Choose sodas in familiar flavors that suit the taste of almost everyone. Colas from brands such as Coke or Pepsi offer pleasant taste that everyone can agree upon, and caffeinated varieties of these brands provide a quick burst of energy, helping you get over the midday hump without a visit to the office coffee maker. Diet soda is also available for those with medical conditions or who are watching their weight.

Caffeine-Free Options
Select citrus soda such as Sprite and Squirt to give you caffeine-free options to offer caffeine-sensitive guests or employees. Ginger ales from Canada Dry and Seagram's and seltzer water from Polar provide satisfying refreshment for individuals who prefer a milder flavor, and these also work well as a mixer for use with other drinks, adding carbonation and an extra hint of flavor to cocktails.

Flavorful Alternatives
Discover flavorful alternatives to cola and citrus soda by choosing root beer from A&W as a tasty treat. Minute Maid offers canned lemonade that's perfect for individuals who work outside and need to hydrate without carbonation and caffeine. Offer guests Dr. Pepper in both regular and diet flavors for a unique taste that's sure to please.
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