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Solid State Drives

Upgrading from a hard disk drive to a solid state drive (SSD) is one of the most powerful updates you can make to your computer. This type of drive stores data in microchips, so it does not rely on mechanical parts and physical read and write movements, resulting in superior speed and durability. When choosing an appropriate drive, consider storage capacity, security features and configuration needs.

Is an SSD Right for You?
SSDs aren't right for all computer users, but they can be immensely valuable for some. Users concerned with speed may find value in paying a bit more for these devices. If you travel frequently, you may benefit from their sturdiness and resistance to breakage. Since they don't have moving parts, SSDs aren't prone to damage even when subjected to rough treatment. They also operate more quietly than hard disk drives, making them ideal for audio engineers and musicians. Corporations are especially concerned with safe data storage and can easily meet industry standard security regulations by opting for a model that automatically protects data through encryption. Some models feature low power modes to save electricity.

Lightning Fast Speeds with Solid State Drives
Traditional hard drives utilize magnetized spinning platters that must access data mechanically. An SSD, on the other hand, uses flash memory, so the booting process is almost instantaneous, and files can be loaded and transferred quickly, saving lots of time. These drives require less energy to operate, conserving battery power and ultimately keeping electricity costs down. Whether you're using the computer for business tasks, school work or personal projects, the time saved can make a world of difference and help you meet deadlines.

Solid State Drives Offer a Variety of Storage Capacities
The higher the capacity of your solid state drive, the faster it will run. For many users, a 500GB hard drive is enough to accommodate most tasks and ensure a fast speed. Drives as small as 128GB are available, but may not provide enough file storage for the needs of most users, and are not as fast as larger drives. For maximum data storage and speed, consider drives with 1TB or 2TB of capacity. High-end options may have capacities as large as 4TB.

Consider Memory Components
Solid state drives are composed of memory cells, of which there are three main types. Multilevel cells (MLCs) are common in consumer products and are the same kind seen in USB sticks, phones and cameras. Their write speeds are not quite as fast as single-level cells (SLCs), which also tend to last longer. Triple-level cells (TLCs) are best for reading data, so they're a fitting choice for streaming media and web hosting.

SSD Form Factor
An internal solid state drive may be installed on a computer motherboard or in a box designed to slide into the hard drive, making it a continuous part of the machine. External solid state drives, on the other hand, offer a level of portability that can be especially convenient, allowing the user to share files between computers and take the device on the go.

Whatever solid state drive you choose, shop at Staples with confidence from brands you trust including Samsung, Crucial, Kingston and SanDisk. These brands offer the best value and are quality tested for reliable and optimal performance.
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