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E-Reader Accessories

Make reading digital books easier with e-reader accessories. Accessories designed to fit your reading device help keep your e-reader charged and enhance visibility in dim-light conditions. Protect your device with cases that cushion the body and screen to prevent damage from sudden drops or bumps.

Quick Charging
Chargers and adapters keep your device running so you don't have to take untimely breaks throughout a great novel scene or thought-provoking chapter in order to recharge your device. Universal chargers let you boost the battery power of a wide range of devices, ensuring that you don't need to bring separate charging units for each piece of technology you own, and they work with standard wall outlets to make finding a place to charge easy. Make sure you have e-reader accessories that charge batteries quickly every time you leave your home or office.

Durable Protection
Cases and e-reader accessories that protect your device screen prevent accidental cracks, scrapes, and bumps. Convenient cases put your handheld e-reader to sleep whenever you close the cover, saving battery life and preventing you from losing your place in the book. Sleek and stylish black e-reader cases give your e-reader an air of sophistication and professionalism, while cases in bright attention-getting colors let you show off your personality.

Enhanced Usability
Book lights that attach directly to your e-reader make it simple to continue reading once the sun goes down, and it's easy to tailor the illumination level to your precise needs. E-reader accessories that boost the functionality of your device let you keep turning digital pages as long as you'd like, so you can finish a book on key business practices before your important meeting or complete a novel before your next book club gathering.


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    M-Edge e-Luminator Booklight for Amazon Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle 3 Keyboard
    Item 908950
    Model UN1-E3-ABS-GR

    M-Edge e-Luminator Booklight for Amazon Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle 3 Keyboard

    • This slim and lightweight booklight works universally with all M-Edge jackets
    • Support arm allows for easy storage in sewn-in jacket pocket and also functions as a paper clip attachment, which allows light to easily attach to magazines or books
    • Operated by a touch activated power setting, with low, medium, and high light intensities for tailored screen illumination
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1 items
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