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Computer Cards

Use PC-based cards to increase the speed and functionality of your existing computer, eliminating the need for costly replacements. Choose high-quality replacement cards for malfunctioning equipment. Select add-on cards that make older equipment compatible with newer electronics.

Better Graphics Performance
Take your video editing or graphic design to a whole new level using graphics cards that render smooth movement and deliver realistic colors. Choose cards that intelligently monitor your computer's hardware and energy consumption to provide peak performance during use. Select the perfect speed and cache size you need for your preferred usage. These cards slide right into your computer's open ports, making installation simple.

Expanded Connectivity
Upgrade your computer with expansion cards that increase the number of your computer's ports, allowing you to easily plug in your peripheral devices. Choose models that add four standard USB ports, or discover cards that add USB 3.0 functionality to your desktop computer, allowing for lightning-fast data transfers. FireWire ports achieve high-speed data transfers as well, giving you the ability to connect external hard drives and NAS devices to your laptop for simple information sharing.

Increased Versatility
Increase the versatility of your computer by adding serial adapter cards that let you connect with a variety of different cables. Parallel ports provide you with the ability to access a wired printer, and HDMI adapters allow you to connect your computer with high-definition televisions or other audio and visual equipment for crystal-clear quality during presentations. Dual-display adapters allow you to show movies, photos, and more stored on your hard drive on two monitors, making them as perfect for the classroom as they are for the boardroom.
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