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Language Arts Books

Language Arts Books are a convenient solution to your child's educational needs outside of school. These age- and grade-specific workbooks offer activities and challenges that will help little ones learn and develop their abilities in spelling, writing, and reading comprehension.

Students can practice and learn a variety of Language Arts topics with activity books that cover topics including reading comprehension, writing development, cursive handwriting, spelling, and foreign languages like Spanish and French. The more children work on these skills, the better they become at them.

The workbooks are large, and they contain hundreds of activities to make sure your children don't run out of things to do, yet they are compact enough to carry with you on a drive across town to the grandparents' house. Paired with a set of multicolor pens, these books can keep your children engaged and learning for hours at a time.

These books are labeled with the appropriate age or school grade equivalent, so you no longer have to worry about buying an activity book only to discover that it's too easy or too hard for your children to complete. Many of these books are tied to the Common Core, a new set of standards for schools nationwide, meaning the activities will dovetail with the skills and topics children learn in school.

The range of activities in these books includes stories, games and even poetry to keep your children engaged while building up their language skills and aptitudes. Some feature activities related to other popular children's books such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" or "Charlotte's Web."

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