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Whether you clean professionally or you'd like a professional finish on all of your home's surfaces, squeegees are an essential cleaning tool. Staples carries a wide selection of these handy rubber wipers for a variety of household and industrial chores.

Get a Professional Clean
The flexible rubber blades found on these wipers are useful in cleaning a variety of surfaces. For a sparkling kitchen, use the slick rubber blade to clean your floors, windows, appliance doors and counter tops. When kept in the shower, a squeegee can encourage bathers to clean the shower's walls after each use, preventing mildew. It can also be used to keep bathroom mirrors and counter tops shiny and clean. Gentle and non-streaking, rubber wipers can be used safely on glass, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and tile surfaces.

For dual-action cleaning, look for a sponge head with a wiper blade. This combination lets the user scrub with washer head and wipe away excess soap with the blade. These wiper and sponge head combos are excellent for cleaning car windows. Their compact design fits handily into storage compartments.

Find the Right Handle
To get a good grip, you need the right handle. A soft, grooved polymer is comfortable to hold, which is handy for long cleaning jobs. Hard rubber grips with grooves are often used for labor-intensive jobs such as cleaning floors. Wipers with long poles for hard-to-reach windows often feature an ergonomic design for comfortable overhead use.

Handles that connect directly to the blade can be used for automotive windshields, small windows and counter tops. For cleaning a large window, look for a handle that allows you to switch to a longer pole. Complete window cleaning kits that include pole extensions up to eight feet in length are a good option in homes with multiple floors and different size windows.

Staples carries additional pole extensions up to 30 feet long. These extensions enable users to clean areas where a ladder won't reach. Many pole extensions are made of aluminum and are hollow on the inside, which reduces the weight of the window squeegee. They are strong enough to hold the blade while still light enough for all users. A snap system for wipers allows users to twist quickly to lock and unlock different heads and poles to complete different cleaning jobs. If you need to save space, consider a slim model for easy storage.

How to Choose a Window Squeegee Blade
The size and type of blade needed depends on the job. Narrow 6 to 10-inch blades are designed for small spaces, such as shower stalls, windows with multiple panes and automotive windows. Blades between 18 and 30 inches are sized for large jobs such as sliding glass doors, bay windows and flooring. When challenged with uneven or grooved surfaces, a twin blade can be used. These feature two thin blades which flex independently to clean inside grooves. Oil can degrade rubber, so choose an oil-resistant blade for cleanup jobs in automotive garages or when oiling hardwood floors.
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