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Take some of the mess out of cleaning with our selection of squeegees. They help you apply and remove cleaning solutions, so you get through each task in less time. Choose from a wide range of brands, including Ettore, UNGER, and Carlisle.

Easy to Use
These squeegees are manufactured with simple, intuitive designs that are easy to use. Each one keeps your hands away from harsh cleaning chemicals, so you don't need to worry about skin contact. Make large cleaning projects more comfortable with a large-handled squeegee that enables a tight grip. 

Convenient Storage
Don't worry about finding a large storage space — many of these squeegees are made with low-profile designs. Choose a squeegee with a knock-down handle when you have limited vertical space, or select convenient handheld models that can fit on the shelves of a standard supply cabinet.

Durable Materials
Whether you use them every day or once a week, these squeegees are designed to last. Choose one with a rust-resistant blade to prevent corrosion or a metal handle for heavy-use applications.

Efficient Performance
Each of these squeegees is designed to remove liquid from a floor or flat surface with a single swipe so that you can get rid of messes with minimal effort. For large areas, choose a squeegee with a long handle for maximum coverage.
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