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Stacking & Folding Chairs

With these folding and stacking chairs, add extra seating to your office or event space. The chairs are lightweight and easy to fold or stack, so you can move them into the perfect configuration and store conveniently. Choose from a range of trusted brands such as Balt, Bridgeport, and Alera.

Versatile Materials

These folding and stacking chairs come in a range of materials, so you can find the one that suits your purpose and environment. Metal and polypropylene chairs are easy to wipe dry, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Or choose a padded chair that is upholstered with soft fabric to keep your guests comfortable during long meetings or events.

Easy Storage

Many of these chairs fold flat for easy storage in a closet or on a chair rack. Opt for stacking chairs to make the most of the vertical space in your storage area. Most options are made from lightweight materials, so you can lift them safely. Move your stacking chairs easily from place to place with a convenient chair dolly.

Convenient Designs

These folding and stacking chairs come in a variety of designs that suit different table and room types. Armless chairs are an excellent choice for conference tables or rooms with limited space. If you are stocking a classroom, opt for chairs that come with flip-down desktops for easy note taking and testing. Or select an armchair style to provide guests with extra support and comfort.

Maximum Airflow

The open-back design on many of these chairs allows air to flow, keeping your guests cool and dry. In hot climates or for summer events, choose chairs with perforated backrests.

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