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Notebooks & Notepads

Always have a space to write all of your notes with notebooks, notepads and legal pads. Jot down a poem that comes to mind in a composition notebook, or record contact information for your most important clients in a phone message book. Keep schoolwork organized in multi-subject, spiral or bound notebooks. 

Various Shapes and Sizes
Thanks to the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and binding styles available, you can choose a notebook that suits your needs perfectly, or keep multiple notebooks and notepads on hand for use during any occasion. Take quick notes on a perforated legal pad, or record lengthy meeting minutes or project notes with a larger notebook. Keep a sturdy composition notebook next to your bed so you can record late-night inspirations for your next creative work.

Functional Options
Formatted notebooks offer the perfect amount of space for taking notes at the office. Record phone messages for colleagues in a telephone message book with carbon copies, and keep a permanent record while passing along the message. Office pads provide the perfect space for recording phone messages for your boss or colleagues when they are way.

Great for Schoolwork
Notebooks are useful in virtually any type of academic setting. Choose from a wide variety of spiral-bound subject notebooks so that you can easily jot down classroom notes or assignments. You can tote most standard-sized notebooks around by hand, or easily store them in your backpack. For science and math courses, get a graph paper notebooks so you can create data graphs, tables and more. Notebooks and notepads come in a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from.

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