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Letter & Desktop Trays

A desktop or letter tray helps keep important papers organized at home and in the office, reducing clutter on your desk and minimizing loss. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they come in both letter and legal sizes to suit multiple purposes. Shoppers will find trays from popular brands such as Staples, Safco and Fellowes.

Sturdy Materials Increase Versatility

Desk trays are made with many different materials in varying styles that include front- and side-loading designs. Plastic and cardboard trays work well in office or classroom settings.

Paper and cardboard models come in various colors, many with a fabric exterior to add durability. Some feature designs and patterns, adding a burst of color and personality to the work area. Others have faux suede interiors and faux leather exteriors that add a touch of luxury.

Trays with a wire or solid metal construction have a heavier weight that stands up to industrial use in a warehouse or garage. Wooden trays fit in any environment and are strong enough to handle multiple stacks of paper.

Standard trays hold letter-size paper while those who work in law offices or healthcare environments may find the need for larger units that easily accommodate legal-size paper and files. Some have a deep basket for holding stacks of paper that measure several inches thick while others have a thinner design that works for fast-paced offices where piles don't sit long.

Multiple Tiers Increase Organizational Efficiency

Those looking for more than a single unit will find stackable and multi-tier options. Stacking trays make it easy to combine units, whether permanently or temporarily, and come with ridges for simple setup. A multi-tier design lets users sort papers by priority, color or size while saving desktop space.

This comes in handy for small desks and they work well for busy offices and classrooms for teachers to separate supplies. These models also provide an excellent solution in the mailroom to hold shipping labels, mailers and envelopes, keeping them within quick reach at all times for increased efficiency.

Multi-tier units offer up to 12 compartments, though users can combine two or more units to create a custom solution. Some letter trays come with a built-in file or mail sorter that sits on top or to the side, offering even more versatility in a single unit.

Users can store important bills, notices or additional office supplies to create an effective workstation. You can add wire stacker posts for brands that don't have a stackable design.

Built-In Features Improve Productivity and Save Space

Many plastic trays have a ribbed bottom to prevent papers from sticking to it, offering quick removal of the contents. Rubber feet or grips keep units firmly in place while wide lips and sides provide room to add labels that identify the contents.

Some letter trays have a corner design for space-saving capability with vertical and horizontal slots to fit multiple materials including binders, training manuals or books. Others have a shelf design that sits several inches off the desk, adding more storage without compromising desktop space.
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