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Wasp Barcode Scanners & Readers

Barcode Readers & Scanners - Speed Up Your Checkout Process. Ring up customer purchases quickly and efficiently using barcode scanners and readers with your point-of-sale setup. Select USB scanners that plug directly into your computerized register, so you can keep better track of inventory. Add magnetic stripe and check readers to give patrons more options.

Convenient to Use
Ensure your cashiers have the tools they need to work quickly and efficiently with barcode scanners and readers behind your retail counter. Barcode scanners save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry, keeping your patrons satisfied. Choose handheld models with ergonomic handles to reduce the chance of employee injury during use, and wireless scanners provide even more convenience when customers are purchasing larger items that won't fit on the counter.

Simple Integration
Add barcode scanners and readers to your point-of-sale system with ease thanks to multiple models that work with computerized registers. Simply plug compatible barcode readers into your USB port and you're ready to go. Add card readers that allow customers to use credit, debit, and gift cards for purchase, and use check readers for those patrons who still prefer paper. Using barcode scanners integrated with your retail establishment's computer system also helps you keep track of inventory, allowing you to know at a glance when you need to reorder frequently purchased items.

Multiple Uses
Use barcode scanners and readers in your warehouse to tally items as they arrive and leave your facility. Convenient holsters allow employees to keep scanners at their sides throughout the day, and handy charging cradles provide the power needed to keep barcode scanners and readers up and running. Mounting kits and brackets let you keep your equipment in place on your retail floor, so customers can do a price check if necessary, increasing customer satisfaction.


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