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Key Control Accessories

Key Control Accessories Help You Stay Organized: You will find a variety of key control accessories to help you stay on top of all the keys you need daily to run your business, below. There are slotted key tags for your key cabinet, round key tags, oval key tags, and packages of key tags available in assorted colors.

If your keys have a habit of disappearing, get a package of wrist coil key holders, available in black, for an easy match to any outfit. Get into the habit of hanging your keys in the same place with a multi-colored tag key rack. This lets you color-code each of your different keys for quickly identifying and grabbing off the key rack. It is a great addition to super-busy, fast-paced operations. If you need a little more than different colors to coordinate your key control accessories identification system, choose a 24-pack of red, yellow, black and blue key tags with enough space for writing the name of the lock each key goes to on its surface — for example, “conference room,” “golf cart,” etc.

If you need to stay very organized, consider the filing rack, which can be attached to any standard office drawer. It accommodates up to forty keys. For those on the go, consider the portable key case in a rich burgundy color. It has reinforced brass corners and a rigid zipper. You can be sure this key control accessory can withstand all the action of a typical busy day moving around.

For those who stay put, there are also hanging key racks and portable key drawers that fit snugly in your standard-sized office cabinet drawer. Pre-strung key tags are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and denominations. Let Staples? be your one-stop key control accessories destination.
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