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Keep an eye on your patients' vital signs with these stethoscopes, which are designed for high performance. Select from classic models or opt for an instrument with multiple chest pieces and diaphragms. Find the best instrument for your practice from manufacturers such as 3M and Briggs Healthcare.

Clear Sounds
Each of these stethoscopes is made to exacting specifications to enable clear, crisp sounds. Just pop the earpieces into your ears and place the chest-piece on a patient's skin — no complicated setup required. Choose a dual-sided stethoscope with a bell and a diaphragm to listen to different frequencies with the same instrument. For easy shifts on the fly, use a model with a tunable diaphragm that adjusts with pressure.

Useful in a variety of situations, stethoscopes are one of the most flexible medical instruments on the market. Listen to heart sounds and lung sounds, or get an idea of how the blood is flowing through a patient's arteries. Each one features a bendable tube that adjusts to move around blood pressure monitors and other diagnostic instruments.

Comfortable Wear
Manufactured from lightweight but heavy-duty materials, these stethoscopes enable comfortable wear without sacrificing durability. Each component features a smooth surface that won't irritate your skin, so you can focus on work. The lightweight instruments hang gently around your neck without causing muscle strain when you're between consultations and on breaks.

Decorative Designs
Inject an element of fun into a standard day on the job with stethoscopes in bright colors. Choose models with bright pink or blue tubes for a maternity ward. Some models also come with patterned and themed cases for an extra burst of personality.

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