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Store Hours Signs

Answer “Are You Open?” with Store Hours Signs: Store hours signs inform your customers of your hours of operation. Using this type of signage is a great way to capture passerby as well as to inform drivers who notice your store and make a mental note of your business hours so they can come back at a more convenient time.

It is best to clearly mark your store’s hours with a sign that is bright, concise and attention-grabbing. Today you’ll find an 8” x12” sign in attractive red and white with black lettering that is easily attached to doors and windows. There are two sheets of static-cling numbers you can use to change when or if you decide to change your business hours at any time.

Businesses of all sizes need store hours signs to comply with laws that make their posting a requirement. The hours of operation signs you see here are easy to hang and are a low-cost alternative to more expensive signage. Many small business owners are delighted by the affordability, making this one way to capture the attention of foot traffic that won’t break a budget. The resilient plastic is reliable and has a long lifespan, which means it is one less expense to worry about.

You can place your sign in the window near other messages that promote your sales events. People like to note your hours so they can return without missing the sale. Get more information on all signs at the product pages below.


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