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Knit Gloves

String knit gloves offer protective benefits for low-risk tasks when keeping your hands clean and unscratched are top priorities. The lightweight fabric reduces moisture buildup and prevents friction damaging your skin. Avoid messy hands with fitted cuffs that keep out dirt and other particles.

Well-Rounded Protection
Whether you work in an agricultural setting or on a construction site, string knit gloves can provide extra coverage in uncomfortable temperatures or protect your fingers from dirt, oil, and scrapes. Anchor Brand, Memphis Glove, and other companies design string knit gloves made from soft, lightweight materials that reduce wear on your skin.

Enhanced Grip
For jobs that require a firmer grip, PVC-dot gloves feature a grid-like pattern of slip-resistant coating. PVC adds durability and increases friction, so you can safely lift and haul boxes or heavy equipment.

Multiple Applications
Wear string knit gloves under other types of protective gear to absorb sweat buildup under heavy materials. The breathable knit fabric balances the harshness of rubber work gloves, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort in hands-on occupations.
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